Saturday, May 1, 2010



1. Have a positive cheerful attitude. Since on the mental and spirit plane” like attracts like” a positive attitude attaracts positive and benign spritis to you.
2. Maintain harmony and balance in your mind, body and spirit. Keep your emotional side especially in check and not prone to outbursts of anger.
3. Avoid being in the company of highly negative people or going to negative places. Negative individuals can sap your energy and drain you, thereby making spirit possession easier. The same in places with negative or earthbound spirits, for example, hospitals, cemeteries, wakes or haunted houses.
4. Remember you have free will. You are the master of your own life and destiny. Do not allow another entity to conquer or overpower your will. Remember, even God respects our will and will not do anything to go against it. Only evil spirits try to overpower our will. Do not succumb to such attempts. Assert your will over any other entity and command it to “ Begone!”.
5. Carry protective or sacred objects with you. If you are a christian, you may carry with you some powerful religious objects that you believe in. For example, St. Benedict’s medal, which was specially charged or blesses by an authorized Benedictine priest, can help protect you against demonic possession. It you believe in quartz crystals or amulets, have one specially blessed or charged by a competent person to protect you.
6. Practice discerment. If an evil spirit is present, you can sense this. Your body will react in a different way compared to the presence of a good spirit. Learned to distinguish them. Discernment is one of the gifts of the holy spirit according to St. Paul.

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